Chairman Emeritus of the Association (Lifetime Honorary Chairman)

12 /18

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Association, the Board of Directors of the Czech Association of Electronic Communications (CAEC) bestowed upon


Zdeněk Vaníček, PhD, FSCTE, Professor Emeritus


the title of Chairman Emeritus of the Association (Lifetime Honorary Chairman)

for his outstanding contributions to the development and worldwide recognition of the electronic communications sector in the Czech Republic, as well as of the Association itself.


The CAEC Board of Directors presented Zdeněk Vaníček with the certificate, having due regard to this signal honour, during the solemn gathering and jubilee lunch given to mark the occasion by the Board and the Supervisory Board in Prague on 18 December 2018 (“CAEC Day”).


Zdeněk Vaníček is one of the Association’s co-founders (18 December 1998) and was elected its first President (14 January 1999). In connection with the conversion of the civic association into a registered association under the provisions of the new civil code he became its Chairman and legal representative.


His term of office ended on 28 February 2019, after twenty years spent working for the CAEC.


After his term of office came to an end, Zdeněk Vaníček left promptly and at a speed greater than that of light for his country seat, where he indulges to the full his passion for painting, literature, genealogy, astronomy and the study of the Canon law and Anglo-Saxon law, as well as exploring the endemic species of flora and fauna in the Iron Mountains and musing on the quantum theory of gravity and the principles of physics in the domain of the Planck length.


Prague, 20 March 2019